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Q: Is this event open to the public? 
    The Grill Out Event is only for registered quests, but anyone can register and attend!

Q: Is parking free? 
    Yes, lots of FREE parking!

Q: Cost?       
        *Sorry, no ticket sales at the door

   Children (under 12) = FREE 

   Chef = FREE

   Sous-Chef = FREE

Q: How many Sous-Chefs or helpers can I bring as a cook?
    One Sous-Chef will be allowed per Chef.

Q: Do I need to bring my ticket to the event?
    Yes, Eggfest ticket or On-Line purchase receipt print-out required.

Q: Is there free parking?
    We have plenty of free on-site parking at the winery.

Q: Can I bring my kids? 
    Yes! Kids are welcomed. It's a family event.

Q: Can I bring my pet? 
    No. Sorry, pets are not allowed on the winery property.

Q: What's a "Demo Egg" and how do I get one? 
    A demo Egg is an Egg that you pre-buy prior to the cookout. The Egg will be cooked on the day of the cookout by one of our     EGGspert cooks, and then you will pick it up at the end of the day (5-6pm). This is a great way to get your first Egg or to add     to your Egg family, as these Eggs are sold at an amazing discount. Click on "Demo Eggs" for more information.

Q: I'm cooking! Can I bring my own Egg? 

Q: I'm cooking but CANNOT bring my own egg, what do I do? 
    We'll have demo Eggs available for you to use . All you have to do is choose the "Cooks" option when you register.

Q: Location? Location?
   Lakeshore Living (1100 South Service Road, Stoney Creek, ON L8E 0C5)
Lakeshore Living Location
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I still have questions! 
  Simply contact us. All the answers to questions will be posted here. Contact information is:

                    Email:                  Tel: (905) 643-6888

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